Xiaomi launched the Yi action camera for ca. 400 CNY in March 2015. With such a competitive price the camera became popular fast and is now available for around 70 US-$ from various online retailers.

The first Yi camera is equipped with a 16 MP Sony IMX206CQC sensor which can record videos at 1296p30, 1080p60 and 720p120. Inside a waterproof case it is possible to the camera it up to 40m under water. With the same size as the GoPro a large variety of accessories can be used with the Xiaomi Yi

One speciality of the Yi is the hackability. There are some scripts by users to extend the features of the camera. Using special scripts it is possible to extend the camera’s functions like shooting in RAW, customizable ISO and shutter speed. Some special Android programs even generate such startup scripts on the go.

In Mai 2016 the new Yi 2 was introduced. The Yi 2 (aka Yi 4K) enables recording in 4K resolution. This new model features electronic motion stabilization, an integrated touchscreen, dual microphones, bigger battery capacity, more slow motion modes and other enhancements.